Today’s installment of our favourite webcomic, xkcd, features the following dialogue:

“You know what’s delicious? Nachos.
“When you layer the cheese so it gets on every chip… Then smother them in sour cream and salsa…”

“Mmm, that is delicious. And I’ve got the ingredients, too!”

“You should make some!”

“I will!”


Now Randall Munroe, the giant geek man behind xkcd, generously publishes his thrice-weekly visual humour under a Creative Commonscopyleft” license. Basically, for those of you who’ve never read the fine print on Wikipedia, that means anybody can do anything they want with his comics, so long as they’re not claiming it’s their own work in order to make money with it. He even graciously allows hotlinking, though we prefer not to get into that bad habit even when it is allowed by the host site. Besides which, we’re happy to do our part to drive traffic to the domain. So, to see the hilarious context for the above conversation, click here (or on the other link at the beginning of the post).

We doubt we’ll make it a week without making some nachos for ourselves…