This blog and all its contents (with the exception of comments by any visitor other than the blog owners, and some photos depicting humans) is governed by a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.

The short version of that is: You are welcome to use anything (or everything) you find at so long as you give us credit and you aren’t making any money with it. This includes making derivative works — adapting one of our photos into a comic book, say, or writing one of our recipes out onto a handmade bookmark — but the same license has to go onto any non-commercial creative work you create based on ours.

Should you want to reproduce a photo from Making You Hungry | Foodgasms For All which depicts a human being other than Jack or Te (the site owners), you will in most cases need the permission of anyone in the photo. (It’s sometimes but not always permissible, legally speaking, to simply obscure the person’s identity; asking first is the best policy.) Normally we will have contact information for anyone in our photos, and they’ll probably be flattered to hear from you.

If you’re interested in reprinting or adapting any of our content for a use that is commercial, please ask — we’ll probably say yes! We would be delighted to have our recipes used for a charity bake sale or in a fund-raising cookbook, for example. Want to put some pithy phrase we turned onto a CafePress shirt, again, ask first and the answer will likely be yes. And commercial publishers interested in making ours the next blog to be offered a book deal are also welcome to contact us.

The names “foodgasms for all” and “making you hungry” as well as the phrase “what’s making you hungry today? are not currently trademarked, but we would probably have to consider making a point of our prior claim if a for-profit entity began using any or all of them… so please come up with your own names, faceless corporations.


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