Who are you? What is it?

We are Jack and Te. We’re engaged to be married in July 2010, we live in Waterbury, Connecticut (to our enduring shame and frustration), and we love food.

Most of the photos, graphic design and posts on the blog are by Jack, though just about everything Jack makes gets a once-over from Te before it goes live. Similarly, Te’s occasional posts have generally gotten a thumbs-up from Jack before our adoring public sees them.

We’ve both experimented with strict vegetarianism in the past, and have numerous friends who still maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet. And we both have some food restrictions we follow — whether for health reasons or as matters of principle or both — and friends and family members who have their own dietary restrictions. So we put a fair amount of thought into finding ways to make dishes which we (or others) can eat despite these assorted dietary restrictions, as well as taking note of recipes and products that are “safe” for people with various dietary restrictions even if they weren’t designed with those needs in mind.

[specific restrictions for each of us go here — please bear with us as this section is under construction :D]

[others we make note of on MYH posts go here]

Will the real name of the blog please stand up?

The original / working title for the blog, before we had even decided on a host site, was simply “Foodgasm.” Google informed us that rather too many people were already using that, and we didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, nor steal anyone’s thunder or metaphor their other snowclones. “Foodgasms for all” has a nice ring to it and wasn’t already in use as another site’s name, and was Te’s choice; Jack felt something more “family-friendly” that wouldn’t raise red flags for people whose at-work surfing is monitored would be better.

There was actually one other blog (on a different blog system) that used the title “making you hungry” in its URL… but that blog’s owner made only a single post and hadn’t updated in over a year at the time we were starting our own blog. Te thought “making you hungry” on its own came off a bit arrogant, but the longer phrase “What’s making you hungry today?” blunts that effect — as well as, we think, giving us an effective slogan.

You’ll notice that posts by Jack say “Posted by makingyouhungry under [any Categories WordPress has the post filed under] | Tags: [other tags associated with the post]” while posts by Te will credit “foodgasmsforall” instead.

[more to come…]


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