I’ve been saying for ages that the main reason I hadn’t yet started a food blog was the lack of a digital camera. Food blogs just aren’t the same without photos to show what the food looks like, after all.

Well, as of last night, I am the proud owner of a (sparkly purple!) Kodak M893, a late birthday present from my wonderful fiancee, Te. (By the  way, “Te” rhymes with day — and fiancee. Also for anyone who surfed in from a link and doesn’t know me: I’m Jack.) Te helps me develop many of my original recipes, as well as some of her own, and of course helps me with the eating, too.

So far I’ve just been taking some experimental pictures to get a feel for the M893‘s settings; it features a nice selection of both manual and “point & shoot” options. The next post should have some images, though, if not necessarily the first shots I took — those will have to wait until I have photos of the dishes the ingredients go into. There will be two different ice cream recipes (another of my birthday gifts this year was a Cuisinart ice cream maker) and several other dishes with some fantastic lemon-cured green olives from Egypt.

The lack of natural light at this time of day (night) is a hindrance, because many subjects, food especially, just don’t look their best in artificial light. Watch this space for a post illustrating the difference in quality between sunlight and electric light, and/or between ambient light and the dreaded camera flash…